Stats Update

Hello World,

The traffic stats of IndoNethia website have just been updated, after a hiatus of 28 days. With the crawlers & bots removed (including 66 recent ones), 1054 unique devices played video clips served through, i.e., more than 37 devices per day. 170 of them came from unique addresses that never visited us before.

Three of those new unique requests came from 3 cities that were never in our visitors’ database earlier, i.e. Shizuishan (Ningxia Huizu, China), Jinju (Gyeongsangnam-Do, South Korea), and Saint Louis (Missouri).
The regions Ningxia Huizu (China) and Gyeongsangnam-Do (South Korea) are new regions in our database.

With the above additions, “” has now been brought up in at least 3082 cities, in 1116 regions in 226 countries on our beautiful blue planet “Earth”, which we borrow from its future inhabitants. plays for you natural sounds and human-created melodies between Indonesia and The Netherlands while you are making a positive impact on yourself, and everything around you.

Peace | Shalom | Salam,
-Simon in the Music City: Nashville, Tennessee