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This website was launched in 2006, originally called

While watching some Indonesian and Dutch/Flemish music clips on a PC, I was regularly asked by my (then) very young children what the songs were about. That was how this all started.

Over the years, this effort has been keeping me active in the following areas:

  • Cultures
  • Languages
  • Target Marketing
  • Web Technologies

Click here to check it out.  Best when played on a PC or a Mac.

To find for all types of materials (songs and clips) that suit my taste, I browse
and search YouTube frequently, as well as request suggestions from family members and friends, even strangers.

The materials selected for the website are solely based on my taste for the subject.

Occasionally, I came in contact with strangers thru the internet to get their permissions to use some of their materials, to ask questions about the clips, or to answer their questions about what they observe on this website.

I learn more about the places where the artists and the website visitors originate from, and my tools for this are web search engines and Wikipedia.

Born and raised until my teenage years in Indonesia, I know and speak this language rather well.  Completing my college education in Antwerp, Belgium and spending my first decade as an IT professional in the Netherlands, make me feel comfortable speaking Dutch.  Having been in the U.S.A. for several decades, using English daily, I learn to know the language quite well.

While all of the materials translated are originally written in Dutch or Indonesian, many more materials for the first page are written in various languages.  For the landing page, the clips are randomly played, simulating a radio broadcast.

To help me translate some of the words and phrases, I sometimes use the following websites:
Google Translate
English-Dutch by Ectaco
English-Indonesian by Kamus Orisinil
Dutch Dictionary by van Dale

Target Marketing
My initial audience for this website was my children, for them to watch the materials I like and to understand what the clips were all about. It has evolved to a tool for me to share this website to as many countries as I can reach. Using friends and families, acquaintances, co-workers, discussion groups, etc. the website reached new audiences worldwide.

After hearing about google ads (adwords and adsense) from some friends, I started using it to reach much more targeted places.

Later, when I learned about facebook ads to reach certain demographics, I tried that too to reach targets that could potentially spread the news to new audiences.

More than a decade after the inception of this website, there are still a few countries I cannot reach: The Vatican City and North Korea are two of them, as examples. My hope is for this website one day to be able to reach all countries listed in here.

IP2Location is the website I use most often to translate the originating IP Address to its geographic location.

Web Technologies
For those who want to know more about what I use to create this website, please read on below.

It is hosted at my home. The current PC is the third hardware, and is currently an old robust laptop equipped with an SSD, which internal cooling fan hardly ever kicks in. While the previous two hardware computers lasted about three years each on average, running continuously 24/7, the current one may last much longer than that. The provider is my home ISP, and the host is dyn, which allows the domain to be dynamically routed to where the computer is located.

O/S: Windows
Web server: Apache/2.0.63 (Win32) Mod_Rexx/2.1.0
ReXX engine: Open Object ReXX – Version3.1.2

Other items I learn about and use here: