Trucker is a game program, written by Hughes Glantzberg. The game allows you to work a as a truck driver to move goods in an 18-wheeler from Los Angeles to New York for profit. You are presented with several choices in the beginning and throughout the game. Examples of the choices are the routes to take (Northern, Middle or Southern), whether to replace some of the tires, what type of cargo to load, how much to load, how fast to drive, when to rest, etc. While this is text-based, it is quite remarkable how much it makes you feel as a real trucker.

The game was originally written in BASIC, which I converted in ReXX soon after I found a copy of this program in 1988. I later tried to make it as such that it could be run as is on any ReXX interpreter, on any device.

Click here to download Trucker, then unzip and run it as is. If the unzipped file “Trucker.rex” does not run, we may be able to make it work with the ReXX interpreter and the device you are using, with your help.

Have fun with the game and the ReXX codes.